>> Greeters of Dijon and Côte de Nuits

In the “Côte de Nuits” area, nine local residents with a passion for the region and eager to show it to others are experiencing the adventure of serving as “greeters”. Each greeter is available to show visitors the area’s hidden nooks and crannies, undiscovered attractions, most stunning viewpoints, local stories, their insider knowledge, etc. Simply put, their love for the area where they live. Greeters offer a customized walking tour of Dijon’s “Côte de Nuits” area, free of charge.

The historic capital of Burgundy and the former residence of the Dukes of Burgundy, Dijon is home to many architectural treasures. The city is the perfect size for exploring, and offers gourmet enthusiasts plenty of opportunities to awaken their tastes buds with the flavors of mustard, gingerbread, and blackcurrant.

Surrounded by prestigious vineyards, Dijon is the gateway to the “Côte de Nuits”. Visitors who travel along the “Route des Grands Crus” (Wine Route), between Dijon and Nuits-Saint-Georges, will fall under the spell of the aroma of the celebrated appellations (Gevrey-Chambertin, Vougeot, Chambolle-Musigny, Vosne-Romanée, Nuits-Saint-Georges). Those seeking adventure will head towards the “Hautes–Côtes de Nuits” to discover premium vineyards and learn how blackcurrants and other soft fruits are grown. Not to mention Burgundy Truffles, which can also be found growing in this region. History buffs who have come to Dijon to indulge their passion can find magnificent buildings throughout the “Côtes de Nuits”: Clos de Vougeot Castle, Cîteaux Abbey, Saint Vivant Abbey, etc. These are just some of the buildings that tell the story of the Burgundy region and of Burgundy wines.

> Marie-Jeanne, St Nicolas les Cîteaux

Marie-Jeanne lives in St Nicolas les Cîteaux. The history and traditions of her village are her passions which punctuate her nature walks. She will give you a lively account of the creation of St Nicolas by the monks of Cîteaux and the development and eventful history of this village unlike no other... She will also present you with specimens and curiosities of the local flora only known by the inhabitants (the tree with six trunks of St Nicolas, and more).

Meet him/her

> Maurice, Dijon

Maurice is a Belgian who arrived in Dijon over 20 years ago. Enthusiastic and curious, this computer engineer, seasoned table tennis player and trainee oenologist (he is studying at the Université Pour Tous) will introduce his town with a history book in his hand and an original anecdote at the ready. His “foreigner’s” perspective of the capital of Burgundy lends a touch of novelty to your exploration. And he is never short of addresses of good wine-growers to visit!

Meet him/her

> Danièle, Villers-la-Faye

Danièle, the daughter of a wine-grower from Villers-la-Faye, left to work in Paris and abroad but was called back to her native land a few years later. She took over the family estate in 2008, finding a life that suited her in this little village in the Hautes-Côtes. A jovial gourmet, Danièle knows the pathways of the Hautes-Côtes like the back of her hand. She will lead you through the vineyards and tell you all about her story and her work!

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> Bruno, Dijon et vignoble

36 countries and 4 continents in 20 years! Knight of the Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin order, rugby player, soup kitchen volunteer and folk and ballroom dancer... this is just a glimpse of Bruno’s CV! He also finds time to guide visitors and friends through the vineyards, the local estates and his home town of Dijon. Always ready to take you on a new unique voyage of discovery of his beloved Côte-d’Or, Bruno is as fascinating as he is passionate!

Meet him/her

> Yves , Nuits-St-Georges

Yves was born in Angers but is a happy Burgundy native by marriage! A dedicated hiker and ecologist, he loves walking the pathways through the vineyards around Nuits-St-Georges (the Chemin des Grands Crus, the Circuit des Moines...), admiring the landscapes and discovering the local flora.

Meet him/her

> Anne, Villers La Faye

This young, dynamic pensioner from Villers La Faye is a keen hiker (every year she marks out the Chemin des Grands Crus) with a passion for human exchanges and communication (which was her profession). She knows her village like the back of her hand and talks about it with enthusiasm. Her walk is peppered with anecdotes, bringing a highly personal perspective to this incredible journey of discovery.

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> Benedict, Nuits St Georges

Benedict returned to Nuits St Georges following a career as a globe-trotting geologist. With him, you will interpret the landscapes of the Hautes Côtes de Nuits from the perspective of his geological expertise. This educator, with a passion for speleology, roams through faults and hills, in order to better explain them to you.

Meet him/her

> Stanislas, Dijon

Stanislas is a young Burgundian living in Dijon since a few years. Unfortunately he does not have much free time with his work but he keeps this one to his hobbies like : supporting our basketball team, and dancing salsa. He travelled alone and knows how difficult it is to discover all the nook of a town ! It is why Pierre is willing to share goods addresses of bars, caves… He also likes photography so he will show you with pleasure great spots where the best angle shots are! Get ready to bring back a lot of souvenir.

Meet him/her

> Pierre, Dijon

Pierre has always loved receiving and sharing, it is why he hosts exchange students for quite a long time. Being retired let him re-discover his town. He likes to tell little anecdotes concerning the main street of Dijon: la rue de la Liberté. But, more than everything else, he loves sharing the Burgundian culture, the one with a capital C: its gastronomy, history, traditions…

Meet him/her

> Marie-Cécile, Dijon

Marie-Cécile is an English teacher. She is very fond of speaking English and of the English speaking world. What about Dijon? She enjoys exploring it on her bicycle or going to the green outskirts of the city to the lake of Kir for example. So if you fancy a ride, just come along! She also likes to walk through the numerous parks and gardens of the city. It’s a good opportunity to stroll and have a chat with her and her children. So if your kids want to make friends and explore the playgrounds, join them! And when her young ones are in bed at home with her husband, she would love to go and have a drink or diner in town with you.

Meet him/her

> Clarisse, Dijon

Have you just arrived in Dijon? If so, Clarisse has plenty of hints and tips to help you quickly feel at home here. She’ll be happy to guide you around the town’s "must see" monuments and museums, but also to help you discover some of her favourite shops or places to go out!

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